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Our projects

Карта проектовOnly for the last three years we have successfully executed and realized works on objects of the gas transport system (a linear part of the gas main pipelines, compressor and gas-distributing stations, gas pipeline branches) including development of oil gas condensate fields and social implication objects:

Major maintenance of gas oil condensate pipelines (the gas main pipelines with a total extension over 6000 km, gas pipeline branches, underwater lines, lines through railways and highways);

Reconstruction of gas distributing stations;

Development of oil gas condensate fields;

Reconstruction of a linear part of the main oil pipelines.

Geography of carried-out works:

  • Moscow region
  • Leningrad region
  • Tatarstan Republic
  • Komi Republic
  • Yakutia Republic
  • Nizhny Novgorod region
  • Volgograd region
  • Saratov region
  • Voronezh region
  • Novgorod region
  • Ryazan region
  • Tyumen region
  • Samara region
  • Lipetsk region
  • Kursk region
  • Belgorod region
  • Orenburg region
  • Tomsk region
  • Amursk region
  • Primorsky region
  • Khabarovsk region
  • Stavropol region

Objects on which design and exploration works were performed:

1. Design and exploration works on object "Reconstruction and modernization of oil production objects of Urengoysky oil gas condensate field"

2. "Yarudeysky field construction for OMP. Gas and condensate export, oil pipeline, gas pipeline". Survey, development of project and working documentation

3. Complex of survey on object: «Gas main pipeline of Yakutia-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok»

4. Design works on object: «Reconstruction, modernization and technical upgrading of objects of Southern Russian oil and gas field»

5. Design and exploration works on object: «Mineral borrow pit in the territory of Southern Russian oil and gas field»

6. Complex survey on object «Arrangement of valanzhinsky deposits of the Samburgsky field for EWT»

7. Complex survey on object «GTSN expansion for ensuring of gas supply in the South Stream gas pipeline»

8. Development of working documentation on a linear part (1156 – 1196 km) of the gas pipeline «System of the gas main pipelines Ukhta-Torzhok (1 phase)»

9. Development of engineering designs for the packaged equipment on object «Filippovsky deposit construction»

10. New Pelymskaya FP reconstruction of the gas pipeline Yamburg-Yelets 2

11. Development of technical documentation for a set of standard equipment of a GCS for object «Reconstruction of system of collecting and processing of low pressure gases and gases of regeneration of zeolites with installation of additional compressors on GPZ»

12. «4th phase of recreation facility construction «Seliger dawns». Gas supply» as a part of building «Recreation facility construction «Seliger dawns» Tver region»

13. «A children's recreation camp and the sports ground on the basis of orphanage in the Karaul village, Tambov region»

14. Survey and development of RD on objects: Ostrogozhsk-Belousovo, Yamburg-Yelets-II, Gryazovets-MRLGP, Tula-Torzhok, MRLGP -2, GMP of Yelets-Kursk-Dikanka, GMP of Yelets-Kursk-Kiev, gas pipeline branch of Gubkin, Yamburg-Yelets-I, Yakhroma-Noginsk

15. Major maintenance of GDS Red Don GMPM, GDS of Beloomut of Gavrilovsky GMPM, GDS Olkhovetsky Yelets GMPM, GDS Mineral fertilizers of the Serpukhov GMPM

16. Complex survey and DDD development on objects – Komsomolsk-on-Amur gas main pipeline – Solnechny GDS, «A gas pipeline branch in the Elban settlement», «A gas pipeline branch (linear part) in the Hurba settlement», «The gas pipeline Parabel – Kuzbass (103-492 km)» (Major maintenance)

17. Gas distribution pipeline between GDS-2 Tomsk and GDS "Kornilovo" LLC Gazprom transgaz Tomsk Tomsk LGTF

18. Gas distribution pipeline between GDS-4 Tomsk and GDS "TNHK" LLC Gazprom transgaz Tomsk Tomsk LGTF

19. Gas distribution pipeline between GDS "Zarya" and GDS "Plotnikovo" LLC Gazprom transgaz Tomsk Novosibirsk LGTF

    20. Gas distribution pipeline from GDS of Nizhnevartovsk GDES – Izluchinsk settlement LLC «Gazprom transgaz Tomsk» Aleksandrovsky LGTF

21. Gas distribution pipeline between GDS "Sokur" and GDS t/u 1020 LLC Gazprom transgaz Tomsk Novosibirsk LGTF

22. Gas main pipelines: CAC-1 transition through Gryaznukha river, Petrovskr - Yelets transition through the Kermis river, Stepnoye-Storozhovka transition through the Volga River, CAC-1 and CAC-2 transition through M. Karaman river, Petrovsk-Yelets transition through Rayevka river

23. Major maintenance of the gas main pipelines CAC-1, CAC -2, CAC -3 (repair of transitions through highway)

24. Major maintenance of underwater lines of gas main pipelines through Hatarka-Yakha river Yagelnogo LGTF

25. Major maintenance of insulation blanket of a linear part of the gas main pipelines of October LGTF

26. Major maintenance of insulation blanket of a linear part of the gas main pipelines of Yamburg - Tula

27. Major maintenance of insulation blanket of a linear part of the gas main pipelines of Nizhneturinsky LGTF

28. Condensate pipeline Yamburg-Urengoy, the 1st thread KS-00. Repair of underwater line through the Hadutte river (1 thread), Tab-Yakha river (1 thread)

29. Condensate pipeline Yamburg - New Urengoy, the 2nd thread. Repair of underwater line through the Hadutte river (the 2nd thread)

30. Major maintenance of a gas pipeline branch from GDS-4 to GDS-1A, D530mm, for LLC «Gazprom transgaz Stavropol»

31. Capital repairs of underwater lines through Chyornaya river, Tulucheevka river of GMP of CAC4-1, Khoper river, Ilovlya river, Medveditsa river, Tishanka river of GMP "Soyuz", Kozinka river of GMP «Central Asia - Center-3», Myshkovka river of «Pochinki-Izobilnoye gas pipeline», the Don river, Manina river, Archeda river of the «Log-Mikhailovka gas pipeline»

32. Gas pipeline branch to GDS «Proletarian settlement». Major maintenance of pipeline in the Novgorod LGTF.

33. Gas pipeline branch to GDS "Vozrojdenie". Major maintenance of pipeline in the Novgorod LGTF.

34. Examination of project documentation on gas main pipelines major maintenance for:

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Saratov»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Nizhny Novgorod»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Samara»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Ukhta»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Saint Petersburg»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Kuban»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Ufa»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Kazan»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Stavropol»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Ekaterinburg»

    LLC «Gazprom transgaz Makhachkala»

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